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Read below to learn about Frontline’s kiosk path to Kiosk Success.


Greater Volume 

Frontline has a track record of growing sales volumes and meeting sales goals.  We have numerous case studies were we replaced a nationally recognized vendor, one with years of tenure in the market, and increased sales 40%-100% within a few short months.  Our programs have tens of thousands of sales transactions each year.  

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Conventional wisdom says drastic increases in quantity of newspaper sales are accompanied by a reduction of quality.  This is not the case with Frontline.  The same case studies showing 40-100% volume increase also show retention improvements.  The retention increase was an additional 8-16% at 13 weeks.  

Longer Retaining Orders 

Leveraging a unique soft sell approach and superior contractors, the retention on a Frontline home delivery sale is unparalleled.  For the entirety of last year our average exceeded 70% at 13 weeks, and came in just over 60% for 26 weeks.  We have individual market highs of 76% at 13 weeks, and 65% at 26 weeks.

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Sweepstakes don’t work.  It’s true.  Sweepstakes attract a customer who wants a free gift, a no-cost chance at something.  Sure a sales rep can talk a few into a newspaper subscription, but they won’t last.  This isn’t the pre-qualifier you want.  Instead Frontline has perfected a soft sell communication starter that pre-qualifies the customer as a quality potential or former home delivery subscriber.  This simple step is one part of the Frontline approach that yields superior retention while maintaining high volumes.

Better Sales Mix

Though it is at client discretion, Frontline’s preferred sales composition is based on high quality EZ-Pay home delivery subscriptions.  We currently sell over 95% EZ-Pay across all markets.  We have never sold a billed order, and have no plans of ever selling one.

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Part of the Frontline advantage, and our optimized sales composition, is our ability to sell longer term EZ-Pay orders while maintaining high sales volume. These longer term orders have and immediate short term retention impact, and give the customer the ever important time-frame to develop a habit and settle into a home delivery routine.

Superior Contractors  

It starts with better hires.  Before an individual is signed as a sales contractor they undergo a structured interview designed to identify the key strengths needed to be successful.  If hired, Frontline pays not only a performance based commission but in most markets an additional base hourly rate.  This pay structure attracts a higher level representative.  After hire, each representative receives thorough training and support.

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Even the best sales person will not reach their full potential without a support team.  Every Frontline representative has access to the best sales support infrastructure in the industry.  This includes a best practices website and rep community forum, detailed handbook, printed FAQ and tip sheets, monthly meetings and role play exercises, and extensive one-on-one work with a manager.

Highest Quality Assurance

Beyond the quality of the sale itself, Frontlne takes extensive measures to make sure all aspects of our program meet stringent standards of professionalism.  Our industry first Quality Assurance program is designed to verify all representatives are meeting brand guidelines, using proper scripts, and retail partners are satisfied with all details of the program.

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Our Quality Assurance program is set of activities designed to monitor and grade our programs performance.  These include:

Secret Shoppers
Store Manager Program Review Program
Quarterly Program Performance Reviews
Contractor Performance Reviews
Monthly Sales Meetings
Manager One on One’s
Retention Reviews (Where Possible)

Stronger Retail Partnerships

Frontline takes great pride in it’s ability to develop and maintain fruitful relationships with retail partners.  We solicit store feedback through our Quality Assurance program, and have never been asked to leave under negative circumstances.  

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A partial list of retail chains we have established relationships with:

More Secure Order Entry

Frontline has extensive experience entering orders using a secure and digital platform.  Currently, over 90% of our orders are submitted this way.  We equip our reps with 4G connected iPads for a clean, professional, customer experience and a PCI compliant data transfer.

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Whether its MG2’s Solicitor Concierge, a direct interface with a database such as DTI, a third party payment service like authorize.net, encrypted email, or the proprietary order entry system we developed internally, Frontline sale representatives have the know-how and ability to immediately begin using a secure digital means of order taking.


In a data driven organization access to timely and accurate reporting is essential.  With this in mind, Frontline developed a client login allowing 24/7 access to view and retrieve metrics and reports.  This could include performance numbers, secret shopper evaluations, quarterly market reports and more.


Even the best strategy and plan mean little without proper execution.  Frontline prides itself in out-executing and simply out-working competing vendors.  We rely on this ethic to meet goals and quotas.  We start with organized processes, and end with professional execution.  Complacency kills.


No one has time to chase a vendor or find out something didn’t get done as promised.  It is an unacceptable wast of time and efficiency.  Our clients do not have this problem.  We use superior organization and follow-up to ensure we have 100% schedule adherence, accurate and timely reporting, efficient and effective communication.

Digital Products

In addition to taking orders, the iPad provides a perfect platform to show off your publication’s digital offerings at the point of sale.  Our reps are trained to demonstrate e-editions, websites, pay walls, and membership programs.  These are often the value added difference in a sale, and leave potential and current customers more educated about your suite of products. 

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